Our Operation - Lean 6 Sigma

What makes CES different from other firms? To begin, CES, Inc. is a firm that is based on standards and procedures. Our management is trained to execute under the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

The foundation of the Six Sigma methodology is the DMAIC process.

D-Define: First, in this stage you want to clearly define the problem or issue plus your objectives and goals. Therefore, include any detail associated with clarification of both issues and objectives.

M-Measure: Get current performance baseline. So, collect pertinent data that will establish what needs to be done to get improvement needed.

A-Analyze: List and prioritize the possible root causes of the issue. Detailed process maps can be created to find the exact location of the root cause.

I-Improve: Finally, Identify creative solutions for the issue you are trying to improve. Focus on the easiest and simplest solutions.

C-Control: In this step you want to sustain the improvements. Make a control chart, monitor the new and improved process and update new data.

Today, CES continues to grow and is currently implementing the same Six Sigma proven methods on a daily basis. It is proven by major company’s all over time and again that the methodology works, helping to save millions of dollars in our operating cost as well as increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

Tools and Skills

CES has a firm belief that an engineer is only as good as the tools they use. This is why our engineers are furnished with a set of tools that exceed minimal manufacture requirements to work and repair OEM equipment back to original manufacture standards. Not only are our engineers tooled right, the training that each engineer receives is based on ISO 9001 standards and quality. CES does not cut corners using inferior parts. We only repair with OEM or OEM approves alternative parts.

CES has invested thousands of dollars in top quality instrumentation for depot and lab work as well as top tooling for field engineers. We are the only known organization to also incorporate HD 2K CCTV body cameras on our field engineers for safety and audit purposes.

Whether we are sourcing a broken ice maker on a Samsung refrigerator or reconstructing a failed circuit on a Marantz receiver,  we have the gear that will identify and document the repair from beginning to end.